Emme4: the company

Mechanical transmissions

Since 1977, we have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of differential axles, gearboxes and speed gears for work machines.

With more than 45 years of experience, we have consolidated our leading position in the mechanical transmission industry. Our history, characterized by dedication and expertise, forms the basis of our corporate mission. Every click, every rotation reflects our pragmatic and decisive approach.

We are here as your partner, ready to actively contribute to defining and advancing the future of mechanical transmissions.

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Our mission is clear: to provide power transmission solutions that are strong, efficient and meet specific customer requirements. We are committed to maintaining high quality standards through careful inspection and extensive testing.

In addition to manufacturing, we are dedicated to providing consistent technical support and after-sales service, ensuring the long-term satisfaction of our customers.



We look ahead with the goal of strengthening our position as a reliable partner in the power transmission industry. With more than 130,000 installations and a wide range of products, we aim to be recognized as a leader in agricultural self-propelled machinery, specialty vehicles, and hydrostatic or electric transmissions.

Our vision is based on perseverance in overcoming challenges and adopting modern technologies to ensure efficiency and quality in our products and services. Our growth is sustainably oriented, offering practical and reliable solutions to our customers.

Emme4 - OMSI Group

In 2023, Emme4 joined the OMSI group, becoming part of a global leader in the field of transmissions for work vehicles. Our commitment has expanded our offer with a more comprehensive range of transmission systems for smaller vehicles.

Turin engineer Marco Bartolina has been confirmed as CEO, alongside his experience and innovation-focused leadership.