Electric and Hybrid Axles

Welcome to our dedicated section on electric and hybrid axles, an exciting chapter that reflects our commitment to adapting to the challenges of the future of mobility. Beyond performance, we deeply care about the environment and aim to be active partners for companies looking to reduce emissions and support the transition to more sustainable mobility.

Seeing the potential of the green mobility solutions, already in the 1980s started manufacturing drive axles suitable for electric transmissions. Over the years EMMEQUATTRO has given more and more attention to the design of the components in order to get emissions containment and energy saving also by using eco-friendly and recyclable products. The sizing criteria of each component is to ensure high levels of reliability and safety, even when used in harsh conditions. The overall efficiencies of the axles reach 95%, with noise emissions well below the limits for indoor and/or night time operation.
EMMEQUATTRO has developed  an axle Serie especially designed for compact e-machines where the motor is placed in parallel position respect to axle axis. These models are suitable for powers from 4kw up to 25kw, with input speeds up to 5.000 rpm..

Parallel drive axle

The range consists of models with a Max allowable axle load of 30.000N and maximum electric motors, input ranging up to 4.000rpm. All Gears have a grinded tooth profile, a special attention to the selection of bearings and design of components, has been given during the design of this serie, so the axle results particularly silent and efficient.
Both steering and rigid version are available. Each axle can be equipped either with brake disc or drum brakes, An additional electromechanical brake at input is available, as well as a self locking system with a locking coefficient of up to 60%.


Drive axles with integrated Gerabox

Different axles series ranging from a max allowable axle load of 20.000N to 40.000N. Different ratios available and all gears manufactured with straight involute gear teeth, that can ensure lower noise levels. Available in both rigid and steering versions. Steering axles are supplied with easy-to-install steering control kits, consisting of a double-acting cylinder, axial and radial joints. Each axle can be equipped with service and parking brake, either a brake disk or a drum brake. A self-locking system with a locking coefficient of up to 60% is also available.

vehicles.Motors of 3/5 kW are flanged directly on motor.