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Emmequattro’ s transmissions fit self moving machines and vehicles with a total weight of up to 6 tons.
Our present range of products, recently enriched with new series, includes Rigid and Steering Drive Axles with hypoid crown wheel and pinion; Integrated Differential/Gearbox Units fitted for hydraulic and electric motor; Differentials with epicycloidal reducer on wheels and wet multiple disks brakes; Transfer Reduction Unit, 1 or 2-speed version.

fast axle m4p-450

Rigid drive axle with simple reduction

This transaxle, with hypoid crown wheel and pinion, has been designed to equip light and fast vehicles.

The hypoid crown wheel and pinion and high braking performance are the most important features of these differentials, created to equip road vehicles with speed up to 130 km/h, that can carry loads from 2 to 4 tons. Both rigid and steering versions are available. The most requested options are a 100% differential lock driven by a mechanical lever or interlocked with an hydraulic, pneumatic or electric system. All versions are offered with a common disc brake or a self-ventilated disc brake with high efficiency, suitable for the installation of ABS. Trucks widths on request.

Steering drive axles with integrated gearbox

Hypoid crown wheel and pinion transaxle suitable for public works and off-road vehicles.

Basic drive axles have a total reduction ratio up to  i=6:88.For higher reduction ratio (max. i=1:22) the drive axle is supplied with a drop box, for which are also available straight involute gear teeth, that can ensure lower noise levels and resulting particularly suitable for electrical devices. Steering axles are supplied with easy-to-install steering control kits, consisting of a double-acting cylinder, axial and radial joints.
Each axle can be equipped with service and parking brake, either a brake disk or a drum brake
A self-locking system with a locking coefficient of up to 60% is also available.

Drive axles with reduction at wheels

Transaxle born to equip fast road and off-road vehicles. It has an hypoid crown wheel and pinion with possibilty of gearbox lock operated with pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

Axles with planetary gears on wheels and immersed oil brakes are available for the heavy duty versions. With a max allowable static load of 50.000N, max wheel torque of 6500 Nm , ratios up to i= 27,93 , 4500 maximum engine input rpm.

We offer both rigid and steering axles; the steering ones are delivered together with a steering kit, consisting of a double acting cylinder plus radial and axial joints